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Works on all rugs. Keeps rug corners flat. Easy installation. Gentle on floors.


I had a rug made last year at a flooring store from carpet. They advised I buy carpet padding to place under it to make the rug more comfortable for sitting/standing....As a result the corners curled like crazy. I placed heavy books on the corners for days but after an hour with no weight the curl was back. At my wits end...It took all of a minute to apply these to the rug and instantly the curl was gone! I've had them on the rug for almost 3 months now and they're holding strong. Don't hesitate to buy this!
- L. Farmer
I have tried everything and not until I purchased this Curl Stop product did I have any success! I highly recommend this product if you need to prevent the curling and to make certain that no one has an accident.
Worth every penny! The corners of my rug lie perfectly flat - and it took less than 5 minutes to install. Highly recommend Curl Stop!
- M. E
I bought an 8 x 10 wool area rug that was curled on the corners and edges for two weeks. I tried everything but no luck in getting it to lay flat. It took me 5 minutes to apply this to the corners and now I have a rug that lays perfectly flat. Thank you!
- The Big Cheese

About Us

Curl Stop is the original, patent pending solution, to stop curled rug corners. After working with the rug and carpet industry for over 50+ years, inventors Charlie and Randy recognized a universal problem with rugs, their corners rarely lay flat. The two realized that no product exist on the market today specifically designed to solve the problem of rug curling. Sure there are products that keep rugs from slipping, but the corners would still curl causing trip hazards and possible damage to rugs. After years of experience within the industry, extensive research and product testing, we are proud to introduce the finest and only proven product that solves the problem of rug curling.

Curl Stop is a unique anti-rug curling system that keeps rug corners flat and holds to the rug and not your floors. Installation is quick and easy.


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Watch how it works.

Our Unique Curl Stop System:

  • - keeps corners of rugs flat
  • - no sharp edges that could damage your rug
  • - specially designed adhesive holds tight to rug, not to floors
  • - 1/2 moon design allows air flow between curl stop and floor
  • - stays rigid
  • - easy installation
Installation Steps


How many corners come in a pack?
Each pack comes with 4 corners. Not all rugs require a Curl Stop corner on each corner.
What types of rugs does Curl Stop work on?
Curl Stop has been tested on many backing types. Hand woven, machine loomed, gun tufted, machine tufted, latex, action back and cotton backed rugs have all performed well with Curl Stop corners installed.
Can it be used outdoors?
Yes. After over a year of testing, Curl Stop has shown to work well on outdoor rugs.
Is it visible from the top of the rug?
When properly installed, the Curl Stop corner is not visible when properly adhered to the back of a rug.
Does it raise the height of the rug?
Curl Stop has been designed so that it does not raise the height of the rug.
What type of floors does Curl Stop work on?
Curl Stop has been successfully tested on rugs that were laid on tile, ceramic tile, concrete, hard wood floors, and some wall to wall installations.
Does Curl Stop keep the rug from slipping?
Curl Stop will not keep a rug from “creeping” or slipping on a floor. A proper padding is recommended to keep rugs from slipping on slick surfaces. There are also special pads that keep rugs from creeping when laid over installed wall to wall carpets. Curl Stop corners can be used when there is a padding under a rug. Simply trim the excess padding if needed.
Will Curl Stop damage my floor?
Curl Stop has been tested and designed to be very gentle to all floors. Because of the shape and composition of the corners, virtually all floors will be compatible with the corners.
Can a Curl Stop corner be reused?
Curl Stop corners are designed to be used once. If it has to be removed, another can be used to replace the original. Once placed on a rug, the corners are permanent and will keep the rug corner flat for many years of indoor use.


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